A unique book from a veteran legal practitioner. Mr. Richardson represented us through six venture rounds and a $525 million exit. He knows his stuff. Full of practical strategies and insight.
— Douglas R. Sandberg, VP and General Counsel, RBS Direct USA
Terribly helpful to the first time entrepreneur who is unfamiliar with the rough and tumble world of venture firms and venture partners. Bravo!
— Steven G. Anderson, President and Founder, CryoLife, Inc. (NYSE: CRY)
My reference of choice for my many business plan students, clients, and non-clients for the understanding it brings to the various aspects of the new venture funding process. An important encyclopedic work in the venture field that everyone, i.e., entrepreneurs, students, and professional practitioners have to have.
— Robert G. Schwartz, as Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship, Eastern Washington University
We worked with the author on one of our portfolio companies from fundraising through a very successful exit. His book provides valuable insight into the give-and-take of the venture funding and company growth
— Will Griffith, General Partner , Technology Crossover Ventures
The best, most thorough, objective, “plain English”, corporate finance guide for business owners, executives, financiers, and advisors on the market today. It will be required reading for all of our new and incoming analysts.
— Mark Loeffler, Managing Director, VRA Partners, LLC

I spent half the night linking through, reading and re-reading the . . . Guide, and must say - what a great resource!
— Joe Queenan, Founder, Innis Inc.
This book is no less than indispensable for the entrepreneurial manager. It clearly explains the special terms, concepts and jargon of the entrepreneur’s world. Importantly, the author offers practical advice to help level the field on which small growth companies find themselves playing with venture capitalists, merchant bankers, shareholders, directors, consultants, underwriters and lawyers.
— Adrian Hunter, M.D., as President and Founder, BioCure, Inc.
I encounter many situations where an inventor or entrepreneur is not familiar with the terminology or typical structures of the “start-up” world. This book is a great navigational tool for them that is designed in an accessible manner. From now on I will make sure that they have it to refer to.
— Charles E. Larsen, Managing Director, Accuitive Medical Ventures
Explain[s] just about every term and concept that should be known to you, the entrepreneur.
— EntreWorld.org, Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
A careful read . . . will enable entrepreneurs to fully comprehend the importance of the early decisions involved in financing and growing a new venture. It will help the first-time or repeat company builder make the right decisions from the very start, maximizing the venture’s chances of success.
— Timothy J. Patrick, as CEO, Proxima Therapeutics
A highly valuable resource document which is used frequently by myself, by the professional staff of our premier ATDC technology incubator, and by the entrepreneurial companies of Georgia. It provides the entrepreneur with immediate knowledge of the basic principles and practices of the venture industry.
— Richard T. Meyer, Ph.D, as Director, Advanced Technology Development Center, Georgia Tech
We’ve worked with the author and appreciate the quality of his advice on structure and finance strategy.
— Kathy Lee-Sepsick, CEO/Founder, Femasys, Inc.
Understanding the concepts behind the jargon of venture deal-making advances discussions about deal structure and sets the stage for enduring relationships between venture investor and management team. The Growth Company Guide provides this background in an easily accessible and readily understandable way.
— Tench Coxe, Managing Director, Sutter Hill Ventures
I started using the Growth Company Guide in the late 90s and I have both the 1993 and 2000 editions. Our company has grown from $3.8 million annual revenues in 1995 to a projected $100 million in revenues in 2007. You can bet that I have picked up this valuable book many times as we have navigated the challenges of financing this kind of growth. It is a solid piece of work and the latest update adds even more information useful in today’s financial markets.
— Terri Johdahl, CEO, CAB Incorporated, Atlanta's Fastest Growing Private Companies List - 2007
A mandatory read for any entrepreneur raising venture capital. It is an easy to understand guide that points out key concepts and areas in which to negotiate the best deal possible.
— Michael Price, CEO Ventures
La bible du venture capital. Tres interessant . . . .
— Recherché de financements
This is a great reference guide for those involved in organizing and funding a growing company. It provides an easy to understand description of the common terms, deal structures, and many other related matters you will be faced with in financing a company, regardless of what stage you are at. I like how the book is laced with down-to-earth practical advice.
— Edward R. Uzialko, as CEO and Founder, Lynk Systems, Inc.
Levels the playing field for the entrepreneur at the critical stage of raising capital. Required reading for an entrepreneur prior to accepting venture capital.
— David O. Ellis, as President, EGL Holdings, Inc.
Extremely helpful resource for all entrepreneurs. Raising money is not easy and this resource will ease the process.
— I. Sigmund Mosley, Jr., as President, Imlay Investments, Inc.
An introduction to, reference for, and all comprehensive outline of venture capital for both adventure capitalist and entrepreneur.
— Roddy J. H. Clark, Managing Director, Redmont Venture Partners
                 Buy Your copy at Amazon.com

                Buy Your copy at Amazon.com

It’s full of tips and strategies for hunting down funding sources. A real strength: short, to-the-point definitions of key concepts.
— Entrepreneur Magazine
Far and away the most important read for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses. Why? Because Clint has framed-out the language of growth in a comprehensive and understandable fashion.
Without this book, the entrepreneur is at a huge disadvantage in fundraising, deal making and building company value. In short, don’t grow without it.
— Cliff Oxford, CEO, Oxford Center for Entrepreneurship
An incredibly comprehensive resource for anyone involved in the capital-raising process. It’s a soup-to-nuts perspective on the essential as well as subtle deal characteristics that can make or break a successful transaction.
— Kathy Harris, as Partner, Noro-Moseley Partners
A terrific resource that I frequently recommend to the entrepreneurs we work with. It gives them an inside look at the mysterious world of angel and venture investing and arms them with important, practical insight as they negotiate through the capital raising process.
— Bonnie Herron, VP/CFO, Intelligent Systems Inc. (AMEX)
This book is an invaluable resource for the entrepreneurial community. The inclusion of specific examples to illustrate concepts is of particular value.
— Edward C. McCarthy, Managing Director, River Cities Capital Fund
A first rate resource for growing companies. Full of practical guidance for company leaders facing the challenges brought on by rapid growth.
— Douglas Tatum, Author, No Man's Land
Extremely useful, especially the methods for evaluating unlisted companies in which we are considering making investments. Very helpful by allowing us to structure our thought process and . . . for communicating with our banking partners and investment committee.
— Michael Carlton, Technolife 2010, Luxembourg, Life Sciences Investment Fund
Having this level of information so easily available [earlier] would certainly have saved me significant time and dollars along the way and still may.
— Frank W. Hulse, IV, Principal, River Capital
This book should be basic reading for any entrepreneur who is considering raising outside capital.
— Michael D. Long, Managing Partner, MSouth Equity Partners
An indispensable handbook for entrepreneurs and investors. It surprises and delights with insider tips. It’s a masterpiece!
— Robert G. Cross, Chairman, Revenue Analytics