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Venture Capital . . . 

As reflected in our quarterly venture capital reports, the pace of venture capital investment has slowed significantly. Many resident funds, including some of those listed below, are biding their time awaiting a thaw in the equity markets that provide their funding and others are investing only in existing portfolio companies. The few that have active new investment programs going are spending more time investigating and demanding lower valuations.

What follows is a partial list of regional venture capital and buy-out funds who have invested in Atlanta companies.

Accuitive Ventures
Largest medical technology venture firm in Atlanta with more than $100 million under management. Managed by the same people that started, Innovation Factory, a medical device incubator.

Alliance Technology Ventures . Alpharetta, Georgia. Invests in early stage information technology and life science companies. Typical size investment between $1 million and $2 million. Contact Michael R. Slawson 678-336-2000.

Brighton Partners. Atlanta, Georgia. Brighton Partners is a private equity investment firm focused on smaller, middle-market companies with substantial potential for sales and earnings growth. Contact Daniel Broos at 404-439-8347

C&B Capital, L.P. Atlanta, Georgia. A $21 million fund operated by the investment bankers Croft & Bender. Focuses on high growth, Southeastern-based companies. Co-invests in situations where its affiliate acts as investment banker. Contact Ronald B. Goldman at 404 841-0735.

Chrysalis Ventures. Louisville, Kentucky. In business since 1993, providing equity capital for growth companies in the Southeast and Midwest. With more than $200 million under management, Chrysalis looks for promising early-stage companies poised for growth.

Cordova Ventures. Alpharetta, Georgia. Manages a series of investment funds that made early stage and expansion capital investments in Internet, biotech/medical devices, financial services and telecommunications. Only its Industrial Technology Ventures is actively making investments.

Cravey, Green & Whalen. Atlanta, Georgia. A private equity firm that backs management teams in acquisitions and recapitalizations of middle-market companies, typically involving transactions valued between $25 200 million. Long time player in the Atlanta market. Contact Bart McLean at 404-816-3255.

Five Paces Ventures
Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in April of 2000 to focus on companies that leverage the convergence of voice, video and data networks, or next generation networks. Typical investment size of between $3 million and $8 million over more than one round. Contact Deborah Gleeson at 404-439-8212.

Hickory Ventures Group   
Huntsville, Alabama. HVG has been investing in entrepreneurs since 1984. The fund focuses on telecommunications, information sciences, health care services and medical devices. Typically invests between $1 million and $2 million. Contact Munro Lanier at 256-539-1931.

H.I.G. Ventures
Miami, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. H.I.G. Capital is a private equity firm that focuses on venture capital investments in early stage technology companies and management-led buyouts or recaps of manufacturing and service businesses. Contact Paul Pishal at 404-504-9333.

Imlay Investments
Atlanta, Georgia. Principally invests in early stage start-up and seed opportunities. Average investment ranges between $100,000 and $500,000. Long time seed investor in Atlanta with investments in more than 30 companies. Contact Sig Mosley at 404-239-1799.

Intelligent Systems Corporation
Norcross, Georgia. ISC invests in early stage information technology companies and runs one of the longest standing commercial incubators in the Southeast. Typical investments range from $100,000 to $1 Million. Most of ISC's portfolio consists of early stage companies outside of its incubator. Contact Bonnie Herron at 770-564-5504. 

ITC Holding Company
West Point, Georgia. Not a traditional venture capital firm but a sometime active venture capital investor in and around Atlanta. Most active in telecommunications related businesses.

Kinetic Ventures
Atlanta, Georgia since 1984. Kinetic provides early stage, expansion and buyout capital to growing companies addressing communications, the Internet, and customer service opportunities. Typical investment size ranges from $1 million to $5 million. Contact Nelson Chu at 404-995-8811.

Linx Partners
Atlanta, Georgia. A private equity investment firm that partners with management to acquire and grow middle-market industrial companies. Linx's sweet spot is industrial manufacturing, specialty distribution and industrial technology companies with annual sales between $25 million and $100 million. Contact Barbara Henagan at (770) 818-0335.

Mellon Ventures
Atlanta, Georgia. A part of Mellon Financial Services, this fund invests between $3 Million and $25 Million in early stage, growth and buy-out opportunities. Contact Max Chee
(404) 504-4089.

Noro-Moseley Partners
Atlanta, Georgia. NMP invests in a early and later stage growth companies with a focus on companies in communications, information technology and health care. Typical investment size ranges from $1 million to $4 million. In Atlanta since 1983. Contact Allen Moseley or Rusty French at 404-233-1966.

River Associates
Chattanooga, Tennessee. River Associates engages in management buyouts, corporate divestitures,  recapitalizations and family succession transactions with small and medium sized companies that exhibit historic/defensible cash flow and the ability to grow. Contact Mark Jones at 423-755-0888.

River Capital Equity Partners
Atlanta, Georgia. River Capital typically invests in management buyouts and leveraged buyouts with equity and subordinated debt in amounts between $2 Million and $7 Million. A long time Atlanta player. Contact Jerry Wethington at 404-873-2166.

Southeastern Technology Fund
Atlanta, Georgia and Huntsville, Alabama. The Southeastern Technology Fund focuses on early stage companies with seasoned management teams in the information technology, internet, and communications markets. In Atlanta, contact Mark Dunkel at 404-873-8366. 

SSM Ventures
Memphis, Tennessee. SSM focuses on fast growth companies located in the Southeast. They are experienced in software, business services, e-commerce and infrastructure technology investments. Contact Wilson Orr at 901-767-1311.

Triangle Capital Partners
Raleigh, North Carolina. TCP is a $50 million mezzanine fund that provides between $1 million and $5 million in funding to established companies for leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, growth capital and working capital. Contact Brent Burgess at 919-719-4788.

Total Technology Ventures
Atlanta, GA. Established in 2000. TTV invests in early to mid-staged, privately-held technology companies located primarily in the Southeastern United States. Our investments typically range between $1,000,000 and $3,000,000. Contact Gardiner Garrard at

UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund
Atlanta, Georgia. Established in 1997 by UPS, the Strategic Enterprise Fund invests in early stage opportunities in the areas of e-commerce, logistics, Internet, packaging technologies and alternate delivery models. Contact John Wilson at 404-828-6000.

Veritas Venture Partners
Alpharetta, Georgia. This Atlanta office of the Israel venture fund was opened in 2001. Veritas focuses on Internet, network communications and healthcare opportunities originating in (or related to) Israel, or along the East Coast of the U.S. Contact Laurie Olivier at 770-619-0121.

Funds Based Outside Atlanta .  .  .

AM Fund
Atlantic Coastal Ventures
Aurora Funds
CID Equity Partners
Intersouth Partners
Lovett Miller & Company
Massey Burch Capital Corp.
North American Funds
Petra Capital Partners
Summit Partners
Sutter Hill Venture Capital
TA Associates
Technology Crossover Ventures



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